Thursday, July 25
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FB MASTERCLASS Review by the Horse Shoe Bend Group

The Horse Shoe Bender team found FB MasterClass to be the Ultimate Course of Facebook Advertising! The course has been created and developed by Mario Brown. If you are new to marketing, then you may not know that Mario Brown is a multi-million dollar marketer that started out the same way most newbies do, uneducated and broke. He has taken his success and knowledge and created the FB Masterclass course. This course teaches you how to use Facebook to your advantage. There will be step-by-step tutorials dictating how to  set up the right funnel, lead generation and selling high end consulting. These are just a few of the lessons in the course, but there is so much more! There is so much value and validated strategies packed into the program you can’t help but to succeed.Those looking to to l...

Car Donation NYC Charity

Car donation NYC charity was interviewed on a recent car donation we did through them. Horse Show Chamber donated a 1999 Honda Accord to the local charity to help out under privileged children in New York. They made the donation process so simple. I took a screen shot of their simple process of making car donation. Image Credit : Car Donation NYC   I also found a few reviews from people in New York who had a great experience donating their car. I went to search them on google and found their G+ company profile and found this feedback.   Based on the reviews i really felt comfortable donating my car to a local charity based out of New York. You can visit this site to help with a car donation NYC.
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Cash For Junk Cars NJ Local Company Review

One of the Horse shoe Chamber members had a story about their personal experience working with a cash for junk cars company in New Jersey. Ronnie decided to search the net and see what companies has great review and came across this! After giving them a call based on the feedback theCash For Cars NJ company was receiving we asked for a quote on a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder and got a quote for $800 cash. This process will definitely save you time of trying to go out there and sell your car on your own. It can become very difficult at times when you deal with many creepers who want to purchase your vehicle for cash. Luckily When I gave them a call they actually came out and towed it away within 1 hr which was impressive speed delivery. If you are looking for a Great deal on getting rid of y...