Saturday, May 25

Horseshoe bend gets two wins against Coosa

Horseshoe bend Generals played a magnificent inning beating Central-Coosa for the second time by 3-2 and dominated the Courgars 10-0 in the second game.  HBHS baseball coach said “Our runners were left in the inning and we managed to hit few strikes of sixes”. On the other hand, the Horseshoe Generals managed to threaten in the first inning but could not be breakthrough till the sixth inning.
Major Abernathy was declared the hero of the game as he happened to strike 10 in the entire game play.  Contrary to this, the coach of HBHS Jason Johnson said “He had been throwing his butt off and it was not defensive to play behind this player”.
He further adds, in the second game our struggle did not work well and we need to learn from our mistakes. Besides, he was of the opinion that “our players hit the ball nicely but it is necessary to be more consistent and composed”.
Last but not the least,  the coach said “In the handy tournament, though we lost two games from Clay-Central and Cleburne County and beat Woodland  yet we need to focus on our improvement areas for emerging as a good team”.

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