Saturday, May 25

Battle of Horseshoe Bend Enemies Propagated the Words of Bloody Deeds

Recently, Jillian Keenan said that we should kick off the 20$ bill of “Andrew Jackson”.  The freelance writer of New York Times says that “Andrew had distributed the coffin handbill during the course of 1828 elections”. On the other hand, the editor of Philadelphia John Binns said that “the seventh president was the preacher and promoter of carnage and blood”. No doubt, he was one of the enemies of Andrew who printed and distributed the handbill and recalled the killing of Indian noncombatant in the battle of Horseshoe bend”.
It goes without saying, the right side of the handbill contains two figures (one looming and one bent over) and recounting the scenario of 1806 incident.  It is said that Andrew Jackson had a quarrel with Samuel Dorsey Jackson at Nashville Street. And, Mark Cheatham, the famous historian said that Samuel Jackson had covered himself with a rock to save his life at which the seventh president of United State rushed towards him with his sword can.

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