Thursday, July 25

How Do a Planes Landing Gears Function?

Have you ever wondered how landing gear works? This video explains the history, purpose, and operation of an aircraft landing gear.

Landing gear isn’t essential for flight, but it is essential for smooth landings. The first retractable aircraft landing gear was developed in the 1930s.

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With it came an increase in speed and efficiency. Today’s landing gear constitutes between 3-5% of the total weight of planes. However, it can take up a large percentage of maintenance time.

Most landing gear components are made by specialist companies owing to the complexity of the gear and the precision needed for landing gear parts. The essential part of aircraft landing gear is the central strut, machined out of high-quality steel. This part is connected to the wheels and supports all the forces involved in the landing process. The retractable landing gear is generally deployed 4 miles out from the landing. Pilots avoid deploying it too soon because it is a significant source of drag on the plane. The next time you are on a plane and hear the noises associated with the lowering of landing gear, you will have some knowledge of all that is going on below you.


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