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How to Reclaim Wood from Your Backyard

You may think tree removal is a one-way process, but it is not. Depending on your tree and the tree service you use, there are ways to repurpose almost everything that was once part of your tree. This way, you can find a new purpose for something that previously seemed useless. Below are some ideas of how to reuse wood from tree stump removal.

Building a Wooden Fence

You probably know that wood fences are a great way to spruce up your yard if the wood is your thing. When it comes to wood fences, many different materials can be used. You can use wood from trees in your yard if you know how to install the fence.

If you do not like using wood harvested from trees in your lawn, make sure you look at all the available options before deciding what kind of wood fencing you will buy. For example, wood fencing can also be made with metal rails that are just as strong as wood but will last longer. There are also wood fencing options that use recycled plastic and wood.

Wood fence installations are the ideal option for those who want their outdoor space to feel like it’s part of their home. Everything from the color to the shape can be altered depending on your preferences. You will find wood fences in different forms; some common types include post, rail, and picket styles.

After choosing your wood type and style of a wood fence, many decisions still need to be made before installing wood fencing. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is on wood fence posts. There are three types of wood fence posts available; wood, steel, and pressure-treated wood are the options. Wood posts have a natural look that enhances landscape design, while steel posts give your yard a clean, modern feel. If you have questions about wood fencing or need some help choosing what kind of wood would work best for you, contact your local home improvement company or an experienced general contractor in your area today.

Use Shavings for Horse Stall Bedding

Wood shavings for horse stalls can be made from the shavings of wood you produce in your yard. These shavings are great to use when your horse is kept in a cubicle for long periods. The shavings help keep the horse’s feet dry, which helps prevent hoof issues that may develop. Collect shavings by using a special tool called a shave horse.

This ingenious invention consists of two pieces of plywood secured together with hinges on one side so that it can lay flat against the wall or fence. After you have shaven enough shavings for horse stalls, it is time to prepare them for storage to make them dry and clean. A great place would be in your garage or another protected area with good airflow. Spread the shavings on the floor in layers not more than three inches deep. Wait at least two weeks before collecting shavings again so that they are completely dry.

Installation of Hardwood Floors

There are many different types of flooring in interior design to choose from. In the last several years, hardwood floors have been a very popular choice due to their durability and ease of maintenance.

Hardwood flooring generally comes in three finishes: natural, polyurethane, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Natural finish hardwoods require the most maintenance because they expose your floor directly to interior air. However, you can achieve a durable surface that will add value to your home with proper care and refinishing techniques. Natural wood floors can be refinished multiple times without losing any beauty or durability when properly maintained. To maintain your hardwood floors, you should regularly sweep and dust your feet to remove dirt and other abrasive materials. Every time you mop your floor, use a wood cleaner that is specially formulated for an interior commercial wood door.

Using in Your Garden

If you have an area in your garden where grass does not grow well, do not just spend money on new sod. Wood will provide the perfect solution to this problem while also providing privacy and blocking weeds at the same time. Cut wooden boards into strips using a table saw and secure them together using nails, creating a raised garden bed. This can be done with any length of wood, so the boards need not be cut to fit the dimensions of your garden.

A wooden planting box is a wonderful addition to any garden area. Wooden planter boxes are easy to construct by following basic instructions, and they can be built to accommodate flowers or vegetables. These boxes look beautiful for years as the wood weathers, but you should consider repainting them periodically if you want them to retain their natural color.

One of the best ways for homeowners with small children or pets to keep these members of the family safe is by creating flower beds around the perimeter of your yard. Borders can be constructed out of wood that has been painted whatever color you desire, but plain old untreated lumber will weather nicely over time, so it is often preferable in this situation. You can also plant vines on the sides of your borders, and these will help give your yard a natural look without requiring extensive upkeep.

A wooden garden or planter box is another great way to reuse old boards no longer used for other house projects. Wood naturally holds heat and moisture, so it is important to line these boxes with plastic sheeting to prevent the soil from overheating in the sun or becoming too soggy when it rains. Be sure to build several different levels into your planter boxes. This allows you to plant space and helps you keep vegetables like green beans, peas, tomatoes, and squash off the ground, where they are more susceptible to rotting during wet weather periods.

Making a Dog House

A doghouse is a must-have for pet owners who live in areas where the weather can get extremely cold or hot throughout the year. Instead of opting for a pre-built plastic shelter, build your own with wood naturally resistant to moisture and premature decay using cedar or redwood materials. The best way to cut costs on these types of home improvement projects and make them as environmentally friendly as possible is to repurpose old pieces from previous projects. It is also important to make sure you design your doghouse so it does not sacrifice function for form by including small vents near the top where heat escapes from your dog’s body and several inches of insulation around the floor and walls.

Making a Wooden Toolbox

A wooden toolbox is more aesthetically pleasing than its metal counterparts, but it can also be customized to meet the needs of any individual craftsman by using different types of wood for specific purposes. For example, you can use cedar to line small parts bins that hold screws and nails that may contain metal pieces that could rust over time. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and pests such as moths and termites, so this type of wood can also save homeowners from purchasing insecticide or fumigating their homes every year.

Used As Firewood

The best part about a wood fire is its warmth, and the best part about a homemade fire is how much money you can save. With some planning, you can use wood from your yard to make a fire that will be warm and help save you money. There is firewood that you can cut into pieces and then stack up by your fireplace to burn during the winter months. As a rule of thumb, if a tree has branches at least four inches in diameter at waist height and you cannot easily break it with your hands, it makes good firewood. This includes pine trees that are good for those in the south, where pines are very common.

You can burn some of the smaller wood pieces in your fireplace. However, before doing so, make sure that any chemicals or non-organic materials have been removed from the piece of wood before burning anything in your fireplace. If there are still chemicals on the item even after you have gone through the trouble of removing them, do not burn the wood in your fireplace.

Making Furniture

Another idea for using some of your wood would be to create furniture or other household items. So why not take one weekend and dedicate it entirely towards making whatever types of things you want out of recycled wood? This saves because there will not be any expensive shipping or assembly fees if you purchase this online, so consider some of the trending things right now.

Maybe you could even start your own home business supplying furniture to friends and family. If you are looking for furniture, look no further than your yard. You can easily make things like chairs or tables out of branches or parts of trees. The only limit is your imagination. This is especially wonderful if you have a tree that has fallen in a storm and has left behind some nice pieces you can use to create new items.

For Mulch in the Garden

Mulching services and practices are crucial in maintaining an appealing yard. You can also use wood by cutting it into wood chips for mulch in your garden. There are several benefits to using chopped-up pieces of timber as fertilizer. First, they will provide essential nutrients to your plants throughout the growing season. Plus, they help retain soil moisture better than bark mulch does. And finally, these chips help prevent weed growth by acting as a barrier between the soil and new seedlings.

Cut the larger pieces into small, thin squares about two feet long and then stack them in a tight bundle. Take the top of an old milk jug, cut off the circular disc that holds it together, remove the lid, and place it on top of your wood bundle. This will make it easier to transport out to where you are creating your garden by holding all of this together when carrying it. Once outside, spread these bundles around your garden’s perimeter to keep any grasses or other weeds from reaching your plants’ roots.

Fireplace Decoration

There are many ways to decorate your fireplace for an upcoming holiday or just because you feel festive. Use pine cones, pumpkins, gourds, books, pebbles. Anything that would look good displayed around the fireplace.

The mantelpiece is an important part of any fireplace. It is the piece that hangs above your fireplace. You can buy affordable ones at home improvement stores or use what you already have in your house. The effect it has is one of serenity. A special place for the family to gather around the fire on cold evenings.

Use As Children’s Toys

Many children love to play in the dirt or sand. They also like to stack things or make forts out of whatever scrap materials they find. If you have spare wood chips or pieces from wood that are not treated, this is a good raw material for kids’ projects, including building their treehouses and assembling pretend forts or houses with blocks made from cut branches.

Tabletop Decoration

So, if your dinner table is looking sad, gather small logs to place around it for an instant centerpiece. It is so easy. Just put them in different places on your table to see what looks best. If they are too heavy, use rocks instead. Be careful when setting them down, so you do not mess up your hard work. Or you can opt for other light things like fresh flowers or butterflies. Search online for inspiration and ideas that will help you get started.

Natural elements are the best decor for your yard. You do not have to spend lots of money or time buying decorative items when you have so many wild things at your disposal to use in your backyard. Getting materials from your yard will also save you a lot of money, especially if you plan to do some major landscaping.

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