Sunday, April 21

X Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced

When do you know if you have a roof in need of replacement? This clever video will show you some of the most important signs. Roof replacement is a big decision and many times, needed repairs can be completed before they become an issue, if planning is taken into account.

It’s always preferred to be proactive about replacing a roof. If you know the lifetime of your shingles, and you know when your shingles were installed, it’s a simple matter of calculating based on that information when you will need to replace them.

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Shingles have a slight overrun of their lifespan, but it’s a better idea not to push them out too far.

If you have to react to a roof leak or other problem in replacing your roof, it will be more expensive. Roof repairs after a leak will probably also come with additional repairs to the frame and other materials since the house is a complex system and water is one of the most destructive forces on earth.

Roof repairs are a major part of living as a homeowner. Knowing when to repair or replace your roof ahead of time will save you a lot of major expenses.


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