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Feeling Down? Here Are X Activities to Do for Mental Health

Knowing how to get yourself out of a funk is vital, whether you’re going through a challenging patch in life, dealing with a loss, or suffering from a clinical bout of depression. Below are 10 activities to do for mental health that can go a long way toward lifting your spirits.

1. Have a Spa Day

One of the most liberating activities to do for mental health is visiting a day spa. A spa can help you work on your self-esteem, and it can also make you feel good physically. Spas have a variety of services that will cater to your every need.

One example of a service you might find in a spa is massage therapy. An expert masseuse will help you relax and then use their skills to reduce the tension in your back and surrounding muscles.

A facial is another thing you can get in a spa. You can choose from a myriad of facial types. One common facial type is a firm-skin facial. You should get this type of service if you think your skin should be a little bit tighter. A deep pore skin facial is a different type of procedure that’s more effective if you want to clean your skin thoroughly.

Facial waxing is another service you might be interested in if you’re currently dealing with unwanted facial hair.

Different spas may have an even broader selection of services for you to take advantage of. Start looking for one of these places using a search engine or phone book search to find a spa with the services you want.

2. Take Yourself on a Date

One of the most uplifting activities to do for mental health is to take yourself on a date. What better way to get to your own heart than by the route of good food? Take yourself to a restaurant that serves your favorite food and splurge on every item you desire.

But don’t just take yourself out to dinner. Make an entire date night where you get dressed up in your fanciest clothes and get into the spirit of being the most fantastic companion for yourself ever.

Anything you can add to your experience at the restaurant will be good for you. For example, you might find a restaurant that has karaoke sessions at night. Maybe you’ll find one with a bar and a pool table.

Spend some time in those special areas, and you might run into another person who wants to make a connection with you. Some of the best experiences in people’s lives are ones where they don’t plan their nights.

Some have met lifetime friends and spouses during times when they were enjoying their own company. A certain level of allure exists in someone who is content with themselves.

3. Get Your Teeth Cleaned

Another one of the great activities to do for mental health is visiting the dentist and going in for a tooth cleaning. A good tooth cleaning will boost your self-esteem immensely. Schedule that service today so that you can experience a rise in confidence once you see your gorgeous smile.

This is especially important if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while. The longer you wait between dental appointments, the more likely it is that various oral health problems will crop up. The sooner you meet with your dentist, the healthier your smile will be, and the more confident you’ll feel showing it off to the world.

4. Do a Skincare Treatment

If you want to partake in one of the best activities to do for mental health, you might want to consider seeing a dermatologist for any skin conditions you believe you have. A dermatologist can assess issues like dark skin blemishes, wrinkles, acne, or other imperfections.

This type of specialist can help you deal with your skin problems to boost your self-esteem in your everyday life. Doing this in addition to going to the dentist will give you the fantastic self-image and confidence you deserve and desire.

5. Upgrade Your Living Space

One of the most rewarding activities to do for mental health is to upgrade your entire living space. There are many things you can do if you want to enrich the area where you live, and changing your environment should give you a nice increase in self-esteem.

For example, you can hire a home improvement contractor and ask that person to paint your entire house. You can request that a contractor paint all the rooms in your home with exciting new colors as well.

Alternatively, you can invest in ergonomic chairs and other items that make you more comfortable while you’re inside of your personal space. Bean bag chairs are an excellent piece of comfy furniture to add.

6. Adopt an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support pets can significantly help when you suffer from a depressive state. That’s why getting one is included in the best activities to do for mental health.

ES pets are cats, dogs, and other animals that solely want to support you emotionally. These furry friends are almost like service animals. In fact, you can even get a special certificate for your emotional support pet that will allow you to take it on an airplane.

There are many reasons to consider getting an emotional support animal. One then is that your pet will be an excellent companion that loves you a lot. A pet could be the perfect remedy for any loneliness you feel right now. Secondly, the responsibility that comes with caring for a living thing can give you a sense of purpose in life.

You can find an emotional support pet at a variety of locations. One location where you can find a pet is the animal shelter. These places find pets that have been abandoned or have gotten lost, and they nurse them to health and prepare them for their ‘forever’ homes. You can be a forever parent to one of these pets, and it can also help you find emotional balance.

If you don’t like the thought of going to an animal shelter, you can search the local newspapers or classified ads to find a nice animal you can adore.

7. Make New Friends

If pets aren’t your cup of tea or aren’t fulfilling you enough, you can always try to get around and make new friends. Friend-hunting is one of the greatest activities to do for mental health.

Now you might wonder how to go about finding people to befriend. These are a few places you can go where you will most likely meet someone:

The Dog Park

If you have a dog, you can take them to the park and meet other dog owners. That might be the perfect location to strike up some good conversation and add some new people to your life.

You and the other pet owner may find that you have a significant number of things in common with each other, and you can trade stories and experiences.


If you’re a religious person, you may want to try visiting a church during a day of worship. You can meet positive people there who might make good additions to your friendship circle as well.

A Country Club

Country clubs can also be a good place to meet people if you’re fortunate enough to reside in an area that has them.

The Fitness Center

The gym can be the perfect place to find new friends who can help to lift your spirits. These people will be good for you because they’ll be working toward the positive goal of improved fitness, just like you. It’ll be great to see each other’s progress and share your achievements with one another.

Another good thing about working out is that it dramatically changes your brain chemistry. As you raise your heart rate, your body releases certain chemicals, such as endorphins and serotonin.

These chemicals are sometimes known as ‘feel good’ chemicals because they eliminate pain and replace it with a sense of well-being. Aside from that, good exercise also releases dopamine, which can help you get the rest you need after you work out. The gym experience is a win-win for you.

Any of the above-mentioned places will be good locations to start seeking others to add to your life.

8. Change Your Mindset

Changing your mindset is a powerful choice among the many activities to do for mental health. You must believe you can eliminate negative emotions in order for it to be true, and speaking positivity into your life can help immensely. You also may want to read an instruction book about how to biohack your brain if you’re interested in learning innovative practices to boost cognitive function.

9. Get Professional Help

Another one of the greatest activities to do for mental health is to seek help from professionals who can assist you. You can take a variety of avenues to get the help you need for your condition. These are some of the professionals who can help:

A Psychologist

A psychologist is someone who has training and certification in the realm of psychology. This person can help you if you believe in that system of diagnosis and recovery. They might help you by walking with you into your past to see how some traumas have affected your current quality of life.

This person can also help you to develop strategies to improve your life quality. Psychologists have an array of recovery and healing strategies they use. Dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT, is one of them. DBT is a strategy that helps people to manage their stressors and emotions.

A Life Coach

A life coach is a different type of professional you might want to see if you don’t like the idea of using the psychology system. Life coaches are much more varied than other types of providers. A life coach, for example, might have life experiences rather than textbook training. The life coach could also be a good speaker or a generally kindhearted individual.

A life coach is more of an advocate than a counselor. This person will treat you as an equal participant in bettering your life quality. They’ll brainstorm with you to find the best solutions for certain challenges. Ultimately, though, you’re the one who decides to change any aspect of your life.

A Spiritual Advisor

Perhaps you are a religious individual or a person of faith. A spiritual advisor is another type of professional who can help you. This individual can lead you on a healing path using spiritual principles and concepts such as prayer, scriptural meditation, righteous living, etc.

A Nutritionist

A nutritionist can help you if you’re feeling down as well. The reason a nutritionist can help is that many negative feelings are caused by malnutrition and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Thus, you could be dealing with a mental health problem that’s directly caused by a lack of a crucial vitamin or mineral. Magnesium and B vitamins are often the cause of depression symptoms, for example.

You can choose from a wealth of providers who can help you if you’re feeling down. You don’t have to select a specific type because you think it’s the proper thing to do according to someone else’s choices.

10. Hang Out With Your Current Friends

You already know that meeting new friends is one of the most helpful activities to do for mental health. However, you can improve your life quality an enormous amount by simply spending time with your existing friends.

Emotional and moral support are crucial to healing and wellness. Therefore, it’s essential to spend all the time you have with people who want to see you happy and successful.

Contact some of your closest friends and do some of these activities with them:

Go on a Road Trip

Going on an adventurous road trip with your friends may introduce you to a beautiful world of opportunities. Sometimes, you can reset your psyche by escaping the world you usually know. Consider rounding up several of your closest friends and then going to an exotic place you’ve never been.

Go To an Amusement Park

Try visiting an amusement park to get a little bit of a thrill between friends. Get on a few water rides and enjoy yourselves at an exciting park away from the doldrums of your typical lifestyle.

Play Adult Games

Consider staying up with your best friends and playing adult question-and-answer games and board games. You might end up having a much more fun night than you could ever imagine.

Now that you know some of the activities to do for mental health, you can get started on yours as early as today. You’ll be happy that you decided to take some steps toward improving your life and overall wellness. Reach for the stars and live well.

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