Saturday, May 25

How to Build Wooden Moving Crates

If you want to ship something massive, like a piece of furniture, an enormous distance, let’s say across the country, it’s that you place it in a wooden shipping crate. Wooden moving crates are easy to build, and you can make them fit the proportions of whatever you are moving.

Before you start building the crate, you need to take measurements of the dimensions of whatever you will be shipping.

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This will allow you to cut the plywood to fit. You also need to get eighth-inch plywood and two by two lumber, which you can find at your local home depot. You will use the lumber as bracing for the crate. Cut the plywood and the lumber to size using a circular saw and a straight edge.

Once you have all the pieces cut, match the lumber cuttings with the corresponding plywood. Arrange the lumber around the perimeter of each piece of plywood and glue them in place. It’s best to use gorilla wood glue. Hold the pieces in place using spring clamps or inch-and-a-quarter finish nails as the glue dries.

Work on all the other pieces of plywood and assemble your wooden moving crate, starting with the base plate. If you plan to ship something heavy, you can glue two pieces of plywood together for the plate. It’s best to use two and have inch Craig pocket screw bits for the assembly.

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