Friday, June 14

According to AAA, Americans Nationwide Are Not Taking Care of Their Cars

AAA Roadside Assistance believes that Americans don’t take care of their cars as well as they should. All in all, neglecting vehicles costs the economy over $2 billion each and every year, but according to AAA, this can be easily prevented if drivers simply follow the manufacturer recommended precautions to keep their car in tip top shape.

For perspective, there are 7,970,946 registered vehicles in Arizona, so the economic impact of paying more attention to vehicles could have a great effect on the Grand Canyon state.

Consumers who regularly forget or ignore their recommended maintenance pay an average of $100 more per visit to the auto mechanic. AAA revealed its list of the 10 most frequently skipped maintenance items, followed by the percentage of drivers that do not complete it. The list includes:

1. Brake fluid –88%

2. Proper transmission fluid maintenance — 81%

3. Engine coolant — 77%

4. Corroded battery terminals –75%

5. Accessory belts — 74%

6. Battery condition — 73%

7. Timing belt — 69%

8. Tire wear — 63%

9. Rotating tires — 63%

10. Changing the engine’s air filter — 58%

To ensure that your car is properly maintained, AAA recommends all drivers follow a few precautions. They suggest all motorists:

    • Read and become familiar with their driver’s manual, so as not to be confused when an indicator comes on the dashboard.
    • Keep in mind that there’s no longer a standard maintenance schedule for vehicle services, so the make and model of each car will be different.
    • Inspect the brakes regularly and bring the car to a mechanic if there are any noticable pulsations, screeching, or pulling when driving, and/or a longer stopping distance when stopping.
    • Do not ignore indicator lights or in-car safety reminders, as they will offer the best information for the maintenance needs of a vehicle.
  • Stay up to date on all inspections, and when in doubt call a repairman.

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