Saturday, May 25

Small Business Saturday Brings Many Benefits to Local Arizona Companies

In general, 75% of online shoppers never scroll past the first page of search results. While this can give big businesses an advantage, locally-owned, small businesses struggle everyday to foster client loyalty. To get clients in their doors during the holiday season, small business owners have banded together nationwide to create Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Saturday comes once a year after the mega-shopping day Black Friday. The day’s objective is to promote locally owned businesses and to pull them from the shadows cast upon them from large companies.

Shoppers in Tuscon are able to grab a piece of the small business pie this Saturday, November 26. News 4 Tuscon interviewed some local business owners on their thoughts about Black Friday, and Lissa Marinaro, owner of Zoe Boutique, has high hopes because she offers unique products incomparable to big box stores.

“Tucson is really culturally diverse and so I think because of that, local boutiques like myself and other shops are able to carry goods that you’re not going to find anywhere else,” Marinaro explains. :The other thing that I think is really important about shopping local is that you’re putting that money right back into the Tucson economy.”

These small shops don’t have the resources to spend thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns like the national chains. Small businesses offer many advantages to holiday shoppers including:

Giving back to the local economy

Small businesses drive much of the local economy, representing 54% of all U.S. sales during the holiday season. Keeping money local will help communities thrive and help businesses support each other.

Exceptional customer service

Customers will get a one-on-one experience when they walk into their local shops. This excellent service will enable customers to build personal connections the moment they walk in the door.

Access to experts

It is no secret that small business owners are experts in their industry, so by shopping small, a customer has a better chance of getting tailored service.

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