Thursday, July 25

Arizona Company Purchases Whitehouse Cove Resort Community

Whitehouse Cove Resort Homes, one of the country’s largest communities of manufactured homes, has been acquired by Shamrock Holdings for $7.75 million. Shamrock Holdings is an Arizona-based limited liability company.

According to Inside Business, the Whitehouse Cove Community consists of 73 lots, waterfront properties, and 14.8 acres worth of manufactured homes, and a newly built 156 wet-slip marina on the water.

With more than 17 million U.S. citizens living in manufactured homes, this form of living is larger than ever before.

In late October, WRCB reported that fire officials across the country have been warning residents of both mobile and manufactured homes of fire dangers.

In 2014, in Arizona, the death percentage when a home caught on fire stood at 83.3%, which is much higher than the national average.

“They do spread fairly quickly and they are small and contained areas so it doesn’t take long for someone to become trapped in a room,” said William Matlock, Chattanooga Fire Department Fire Marshal.

Matlock believes that no matter the size of the fire, if you live in a home and are unprepared, the consequences could be deadly.

“It’s heartbreaking to know there are things we can do to help and we do our best to get the word out,” Matlock added. “You never forget the loss of life especially being a firefighter working these scenes.”

All manufactured homes should make sure their home has the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) label that certifies its compliance with federal home construction safety standards. Since the federal government started regulating construction in the mid 1970s, national fire data shows that manufactured homes that were built with HUD certifications were much less likely to have a fatal fire occur.

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