Saturday, May 25

Anti-Marijuana Group Posts Billboards Across Phoenix Area

Approximately 37% of consumers report looking at an outdoor ad every time they pass one, but Phoenix drivers may be in for a surprise during their commutes.

An anti-marijuana group has been posting billboards across the Phoenix area as part of a campaign to halt the legalization of marijuana across the state.

The group has started their campaign just two weeks before voters will be able to have their say at the polls.

Rather than focusing on smoking devices, the billboard campaign has its focus on edibles.

If marijuana is legalized, edibles, or foods that contain marijuana, would be legal to buy and sell.

The major concern of this group is that some edibles will be packaged and marketed in a way that might be attractive to children who might accidentally consume them.

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, a group pushing to legalize marijuana, doesn’t have plans to run an opposing campaign.

As it turns out, the majority of voters in Arizona are still in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Despite the barrage of television ads and billboard campaigns that have been running for several months, more than half of individuals who participated in a survey said they still support the legalization act.

While more than 50% support the bill, almost 42% oppose it.

Many of those in opposition to Prop. 205 believe that the measure would put children in danger, jeopardize the state’s economy, and lead to more DUI accidents.

However, many more argue that a legally regulated and taxed system would solve all of those issues. Having the substance regulated could make communities safer, provide money for schools, and most importantly, help those patients who need the treatment.

“This suggests to me a strong probability that people have tended to make up their minds on this,” said Mike O’Neil, who reviewed the poll.

It seems that statement holds true for both positive and negative parties, especially with the onslaught of billboards being put up.

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