Sunday, April 21

This Minecraft Mod Adds Realistic Tanks

It is incredible what people think to add to Minecraft. At this point, if you can think of it, there is probably a mod for it. Mods are great because they allow you to customize Minecraft to your liking. Yet, it still has that classic sandbox charm that sucked us all into it in the first place. If you find some good mods or an excellent modpack, you are going to need the best Minecraft modded server hosting if you want a seamless server on which to play with your friends. Thankfully, Bisect Hosting has the perfect servers for modded Minecraft.

Video Source

You can use them to play basically any mod. This could even include the mod in this video.

Trajan’s Tanks is a mod that adds tanks to Minecraft. There are currently three variants of tanks. There is the German Panzer II, Tiger, and Russian T-34. There is also an artillery piece as well. This mod is great if you and some friends are in to reenactments. It could also be fun to mess around and try to shoot targets. You could even set up a team death match skirmish if you have a server.


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