Saturday, May 25

Renovation Tips for Your Shipping Container

Before your shipping container arrives, be sure to make sure that the area for it to sit is leveled, and a foundation laid. This foundation could be as little as cinder blocks set into the ground and prepared for the arrival of the container, which will typically be delivered by truck.

When the shipping container you’ve purchased arrives, the first steps to renovate it are going to be to tear out the existing flooring, which has been extensively damaged by a decade or more of hard work, including sliding pallets across it, and painting over the imperfections and damage of the exterior. Once the exterior has been prepared, you can start with the renovations properly.

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A new roof and siding will be needed so that the container can be insulated from the elements. Containers are metal and that means they need to be cooler to be habitable. Finally, a floor can be laid, and in this video, the shipping container’s new floor is a slotted one, designed to echo the aesthetics of the pallets that once slid across it.

Your container’s interior has been roughed out. The next steps will depend on if it’s a home or a shed.


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