Saturday, May 25

The Process Of Installing Exterior Tile

Installing tiles outside of your home can give it the final splash of color or beauty that it needs to tie everything together. Before you can make it to that final step of beauty, you need to figure out a way to get all the tiles installed. It’s not a difficult process, so let’s talk about some of the steps when you install the exterior tile.

The first thing that you are going to want to get is mortar for your tiles. Mortar only requires you to add some water and are you are able to have a binder for your tiles when you go to lay them.

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After you have laid out all your tiles and planned where everything is going to go, you can start putting down some mortar and getting ready to lay the tiles. The corners may be difficult because they will most likely require you to measure out how much space you have and cut some tiles a little bit smaller.

The final step of the process is to go through and rub grout into the spaces between the tiles. Once you finish getting all of the grout where it needs to be, you can clean off the top of the tiles, and you have finished your project.


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