Sunday, April 21

Scottsdale CVB Heats Up Tourism Advertisements in LA

As summer approaches, Arizona is certainly heating up. And while a trip to the beach might seem like the cure-all panacea for vacation-goers everywhere, the Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau is trying their hardest to lure Los Angeles residents to Arizona for their next luxury vacation destination.

In order to generate interest, the bureau posted a 10-story advertisement on the side of the Mondrian Hotel Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard, which is considered one of the most famous streets in the city. The advertisement depicts a sunbathing couple relaxing in luxurious, oasis-like settings.

Summer holiday vacation concept with orange juice and beach items

“It shows one of our ads featuring a man and a woman in the pool in front of the Sonoran desert backdrop,” Stephanie Pressler, community affairs manager at the Scottsdale CVB, said.

And since the desert state is only a hop and a skip away, Los Angeles residents have the added benefit of heavily discounted deals without having to travel terribly far from their home state.

And in addition to the larger-than-life advertisement posted on the Mondrian Hotel, the Scottsdale CVB has provided Los Angeles movie theaters with commercial teasers advertising the luxury and thrill of a Scottsdale vacation.

“Because Los Angeles is such a movie-driven market, we show our 30-second commercials in specific theaters in the area,” Pressler said. “It’s the only market we actually show our commercial in theaters just because it is such a movie-driven place.”

According to KTAR News, the bureau expects the commercial to be seen by two million people. And with the addition of the 1.2 million people who will peep the poster on their daily commute, the CVB is extremely hopeful.

“And because the ad space is not attached to a freeway, people are driving by at a slower pace and have more time to view our message,” she said.

The Scottsdale CVB also launched Summer in Scottsdale, a website that features discounts and resort families. These deals will certainly appeal to the 37% of families who feel that vacations bring them joy.


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