Sunday, April 21

Prevent Plumbing Problems Before They Happen This Holiday Season, Arizona

Arizona might not get much precipitation, but temperatures do go below zero, which can cause plumbing problems. Who has the time to deal with an issue like that at this time of the year with all of the holiday rushing around going on? Here are just a few of the things professionals say you can do to prevent the most common of holiday plumbing problems.

  • Keep pipes warm. Frozen pipes aren’t typically a huge issue in the Grand Canyon State, but it only takes one night of freezing weather to destroy your pipes. If you plan on going out of town this holiday, make sure you leave your heater on to keep the pipes warm. If you have an outdoor spigot, put styrofoam insulation over it. It’s also a good idea to leave a drip in the faucet, since moving water is less likely to freeze. In the event that one of your pipes does, consider using a trenchless replacement service. They’re cleaner, safer, and typically save homeowners around 40% compared to the cost of traditional sewer replacement, and they’ll save your landscaping from being dug up.
  • Check your toilet’s flapper valve. Having friends and family stay for the holidays means that there’s going to be a lot more traffic through your bathroom. Before they arrive, check your flapper valve. Flapper valves commonly wear out, and when they do, your toilet will constantly refill. Not only is that annoying, but it wastes water, pumping up your water bill.
  • Use hot water accordingly. Your toilet isn’t the only part of the bathroom that’s going to get more use while guests are staying over. With all the extra showers and cooking going on, your hot water use is going to quickly escalate. You need to make sure your water heater is in good condition so that it works, so get an inspection if necessary. To make things run smoothly, whether you have guests staying over or not, schedule your showers, cooking, dishwashing, and laundry so that your hot water usage is level throughout the day.
  • Get your HVAC unit inspected. Your HVAC unit has had a few months to relax since summer is over, but with winter fast approaching, it’s going to have to shift into high gear soon. If you haven’t had your furnace or other HVAC unit inspected and tuned up in the last six months, now is the time to do so.
  • Tune your dishwasher up. No one likes to do dishes, especially during the holiday, which is why you need to make sure your dishwasher is working right. If the dishwasher is not draining properly, check the trap for food and other debris. If it’s not cleaning as well as it did, check the spinning arm to see if there are obstacles in the way.

Remember: these efforts are only preventative measures and won’t guarantee your plumbing’s safety, but they will help keep a number of issues of at bay. It’s always best to get in touch with a professional plumber right away if you have a major problem.

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