Sunday, April 21

Popular Consumer Website Names Scottsdale as One of the Top Ten Places to Retire in 2015

Golf CourseWhile retiring to Scottsdale used to be one of the best-kept secrets of local retirees, the population is set to increase after a major website has named the city as one of the top ten best places to retire in 2015.

According to local news affiliate ABC 15, Scottsdale ranked tenth on the Top Ten Best Places to Retire list for 2015, which is no surprise to the thousands of people already spending their golden years in the city.

Approximately 28% of the city’s population is 60 or older, and there are a few key reasons that so many retirees flock to Scottsdale. A major factor in the city’s ranking is that it’s located in Arizona, one of the only states that does not tax Social Security checks.

Other primary reasons for Scottsdale’s showing on the list include the city’s low crime rate, adequate health care, and “resort-like” amenities. Scottsdale offers a high number of retirement and assisted-living communities, which is complemented by the plethora of golf courses, spas, and hiking trails throughout the region.

Research for the survey centered around criteria that ranked cities based on total population of retired seniors, affordable health care services, community involvement, and access to outdoor activities.

Experts say that the happiest retirees engage in three to four activities regularly, while the least happy engage in only one or two. Considering the wide array of outdoor and indoor activities available to seniors in Scottsdale, it’s safe to say that local retirees are more than enthused with their living situation.

According to U.S. News and World Report, Scottsdale isn’t the only city in Arizona that is considered to be a premier destination for retirement. The publication named Tucson as the top place to retire in the country in 2014, citing its wide array of mountain ranges and national parks that make it easy for seniors to stay active.

As for the rankings, Santa Barbara, CA, claimed the top spot for 2015 due to its beautiful scenery and comfortable weather. Santa Barbara obtained the enviable ranking despite having some of the highest prices for homes and activities in the nation.

Though Scottsdale fell short of the #1 ranking this year, it seems as if Arizona is slowly but surely becoming one of the most sought-after places for retirees to spend the best years of their lives.

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