Friday, June 14

Arizona One of the Leading States for Veterans Hired

African American military man, horizontalThe health and well-being of military veterans should be one of the country’s highest priorities. Many companies in Arizona appear to be doing their part to support such efforts as new data from WalletHub, a financial information site, shows that they rank near the top in terms of hiring numbers and standard of living metrics, according to

Several businesses in particular have even implemented special policies to try and increase the number of military vets they hire with respect to the fact that many face challenges integrating back into civilian life. In total, there are 21.2 million veterans in the United States, of which 422,000 were unemployed as of October, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Overall, four Arizona cities made the top 20 of WalletHub’s 2015 100 Best and Worst Cities for Veterans ranking. Tucson was number 16, Chandler right ahead at 15, Gilbert was number five, and claiming the number two spot overall was Scottsdale.

Three other Arizona cities (Phoenix, Glendale, and Mesa) made the top 35.

Included in the ranking criteria were the employment rate of veterans to job growth, income growth, the number of homeless vets in the city, number of vets living in the city overall, and care levels of local veterans hospitals were among the 18 quality of life measures.

Finding the right people to work for a business can be difficult process. Recruiters often judge applicants on their skills, personality, reliability, and ultimately their general fit in the company’s environment.

Research showed that recruiters receive on average 144 resumes for each entry level/hourly position and 89 resumes for each professional position, but veterans’ resumes can easily stand out. While there are certain labor laws and initiatives in place to encourage the hiring of veterans, many companies don’t need the persuasion.

Employers and recruiters often love hiring veterans because of their leadership, discipline, and reliability. One of the Arizona businesses that’s been leading the charge for vets is the Salt River Project.

The organization recently launched a website dedicated to providing vets with information on how their military experience might make them exceptional candidates for a career at their water and power utility company. They also offer full pay for employees called to active duty.

“We know how much of an impact being called up for guard or active duty can have on their lives, and we want to make it easier for them to serve their country knowing they can still support their families,” said Rob Nichols, SRP senior director of human resources

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