Saturday, May 25

Little River Canyon Preserve has $10.8 million economic impact

Recently, the national park disclosed in its study that in 2012 that Little River Canyon National Preserve, near Horseshoe Bend, NY, had a $10.8 million impact. The study claims that $10.8 million had been spent by 201,000 visitors in the park which grossly helped 160 jobs across the area.
Superintendent Gail Bishop said that “Little River Canyon National Preserve is a worth visiting place and we welcome all the visitors of our country and from the whole world”. He further adds, we are really honored to share the beauties, history, and other things related to this park with our precious visitors and we look forward to see more visits in few months to come. Besides, he claims that “National park is almost returning 10$ of 1$ investment and it is one of the high contributors to our national economy”.
It goes without saying that the peer review of national park was carried out by U.S. Geological Survey economists Catherine Cullinane Thomas and Christopher Huber and both of these reviewers worked with the close collaboration of Lynne Koontzm of the National Park Service.
Furthermore, the study claims that 717,724 people visited the national parks in Alabama that generated about $26.5 million and it is assumed that these visits had supported around 381 jobs of the area.
Last but not the least, the national parks of New York are supposed to be worth visiting places and they are generating millions of dollars for national as well as local economy.

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