Sunday, October 2

Day: August 3, 2021


Here is Why You Should Not Use Bathroom Hand Dryers

In this video, you will learn about air dryers. The hand dryer was invested in 1938. In terms of how they look, hand dryers haven't changed much. Video Source Back in the day, hand dryers were very noisy. In 2006, Dyson invented a virtually silent hand dryer. Hand dryers can make you sicker. Hand dryers cut down on waste from paper towels. Public restroom hand dryers simply just blow around germs that are already in the air. If you could see germs, a bathroom would be the main source. Germs love to hang out in on sponges and towels. Flushing into a toilet is like flushing an atomic bomb. You should put the seat down before you flush. This is not just a respectful thing to do. When you turn on the dryer, you are allowing the germs to blow around in the air. The germs travel through drople...