Thursday, July 25

Whittier Residents Fear Safety

Burglary is such a common problem in the United States that once every 14.4 seconds, a home is burglarized. This means that during the average TV commercial break, eight homes get broken into. It’s such a common problem that the news of break ins is sometimes treated with apathy and ambivalence.

However, you can’t help but feel scared, nervous, and anxious when it happens close to your home, which is why a recent string of residential burglaries in Whittier, a city in Los Angeles County, California, has residents concerned over their safety.

“We’re very aware of the situation and actively working the cases and trying to put information together to catch the individuals committing the burglaries,” said Officer Brad White.

So far, eight homes have been reportedly broken into and robbed in the area east of Whittwood Town Center. Another seven homes near Lambert road in the past few months have also been targeted, though police don’t believe the two strings of burglaries are connected.

An area man who wished only to be identified as Jason reported that there have been about 13 burglaries over the past 46 days in his area near Citrus Street. White confirmed eight of the burglaries, and said that there could also be more.

“[Residents] believe [the culprits] are staking out the neighborhood and sending a female to knock on doors to see if anybody is home,” explained Jason.

In response, police have increased patrols in and near the affected neighborhoods.

“There have been patrols in the neighborhood, but it’s not enough to catch anybody that is actually doing this,” said Jason. “[The burglars] are learning our habits as to when we leave and as soon as people leave, that’s when they break in.”

Residents have reported that the suspects are breaking windows and kicking down back doors in attempts to break in. Such damaged can result in as much as $1,500 worth of repairs.

“As of late, they’re being more aggressive,” noted Jason. “Police believe that [the burglars] are looking for homes that do not have dogs, security systems or people.”

Police have also posted a flyer on their website offering tips about protecting homes and cars to nervous resident.

If concerned over the potential threat of burglaries, homeowners can install alarm systems, or even purchase faux alarm system stickers online to make it appear as though their home is secured. Making it look like someone’s home with automatic dimmers is another great tactic, too.

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