Thursday, July 25

Watches May Replace House Keys as They Sync With Smart Homes

Watches that do more than just tell time might have seemed like something from the distant future, if not just James Bond’s closet, than anything else. However, the development of smart watches, which feature many of the same capabilities of smart phones that have become a must for individuals who want to always stay connected, is changing that perception.

Today, smart watches are being synced to smart homes and can be used to turn the lights on and off or arming and disarming security systems.

“But in 2014 the smart home flood gates are opening, and lately it seems there’s news practically every week of a new smart watch/smart home integration,” notes Michael Wolf.

“The smart watch is a logical control device for your surroundings because, chances are, it’s always a glance away, unlike your smart phone in your pocket or that tablet all the way over on the kitchen table,” he also adds. “This constant presence also means your home can better understand you, as one of the key benefits of a smart home is contextual understanding of you and your surroundings.”

Of course, if you’re worried about forgetting to turn the lights off or making sure your dog isn’t going to set off an alarm, you don’t have to use a watch. There are several apps for smart phones that allow you to control a number of different facets in your home.

Deanna Finley of recommends five great ones.

  • ADT’s Pulse combines home security with home automation and allows you to control security settings even when you are hundreds of miles from home.
  • ATandT’s Digital Life makes it easy to complete a number of different tasks including locking or unlocking doors, checking security cameras, turning off appliances and even changing the thermostat.
  • iCam sends notifications right to your smartphone when a motion sensor is triggered that turns on security cameras. It makes it easy for users to monitor their home remotely when there is an alert but not worry about wasting time when nothing happens.
  • Cortexa gives you customizable smart home features so that you can control what you want to, when you want to. It features automation capabilities and the ability to mix and match specific technologies.
  • SecureHome features a built-in microphone on your computer that allows you to listen to anything that is happening in your home remotely. The app will sound an alarm if there is an intruder alert.

If you’re looking to upgrade, you might want to consider the fact that hard wired security systems won’t be interfered with by feedback, wireless internet signals, or other factors. Choosing whether or not wireless or hard wired systems are right for you is an important part of upgrading your smart home.

Smart homes that allow you to control security systems and other features remotely might seem to be the stuff of Science Fiction. However, new technologies are bringing them to consumers now. Whether you use a smart watch or just a smart phone (so 2013), new apps give you complete control from anywhere.

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