Saturday, May 25

Video Marketing Should Target Hispanic Demographics, According to New Research

New research shows Hispanic consumers are much more receptive to mobile technology, including mobile advertising. The study surveyed the opinions of 1,000 American consumers: 500 non-Hispanic and 500 Hispanic. “While the mobile habits between the two demographics match up across a variety of different activities, the report indicates that the Hispanic community is more likely to access coupons and banking services through mobile devices, giving marketers some additional insights into how to best target these smartphone-wielding consumers,” Adweek reports.

Hispanic consumers are more likely to take part in online banking, downloading digital coupons, and respond to location-based or geo-targeted advertisements. “Hispanic consumers are also gobbling up mobile video, using location-based apps and texting more than non-Hispanics,” Adweek continues. Mobile video, according to the results, is wildly popular with Hispanic viewers. “Some said Internet video offered an inexpensive alternative to cable or satellite TV subscriptions. Others said it afforded access to Spanish-language programs that were otherwise unavailable through pay-TV providers,” Re/Code explains.

Whatever the reasons are, marketers agree the results suggest that there is considerable opportunity in the Hispanic community — especially for companies who already use video advertisements. How many companies use some kind of video marketing? According to 2013 Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report, 60% of marketers include videos in email marketing alone. The number of marketers who use video across all areas of advertising and marketing is likely to be much higher.

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