Sunday, April 21

Small and Family-Owned Businesses Seek Economic Relief

Mohave County, Arizona may be finding itself on the positive end of some recent political turmoil. As one of the most Republican counties of the United States, many citizens are calling for tax breaks for the rich. One particular family has voiced its concerns.

The Jandrews, avid Trump supporters, run a family-owned printing business in Lake Havasu City called Jet Printing. As a small business with only nine employees, they’re hoping President Trump will come through and provide much-needed tax breaks.

“You can’t keep taxing the rich because eventually, they ain’t going to want to pay,” says Richard Jandrews, head employee at Jet Printing. “What are they doing again? Oh yeah, moving away.”

Richard’s wife, Patricia, claims that she wants to be able to offer benefits to her employees, but can’t afford it due to high insurance premiums. According to Patricia, her family’s healthcare premiums are costing more than $2,300 each month, and they are struggling to make ends meet as a result.

Their son, Tristan, however, is more of a moderate and has different feelings regarding Trump’s presidency. His main issue, he claims, is jobs coming back. He feels that Trump should be creating jobs in sustainable energy, but considers what Trump has done so far as nothing more than a smokescreen.

“We’re going to see if the checks and balances of our system work,” said Tristan, “and if he’s going to actually do something that is going to be viable in the long term.”

As the checks and balances system states, once a bill is passed, the President has 10 days to sign or veto the enrolled bill. Although the family remains divided over Trump, they have one thing in common: they want the economy to work for all Americans.

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