Friday, June 14

Phoenix Gets Pummeled by Heatwave, Sees Demand for Energy Skyrocket

Thanks to a heatwave that just won’t quit, Phoenix set two consecutive records for the highest temperatures recorded in the city last Thursday. By 1:32pm, reports Think Progressthe mercury was pushing 115°F. Not an hour later, the temperature crept to 116°F, falling just short of the 120°F record set by Tacna on the same day.

In general, Arizona has been getting absolutely pummeled by the heatwave, with Dr. Matt Pace of Phoenix’s local NBC News noting that the city hasn’t fallen below 90 degrees since July 29. As you might expect, the incredible heat has pushed demand for energy to power home and commercial air conditioning units through the roof. The city’s Salt River Project, a power and utility company, said demand for energy forced it to produce a record amount of energy at 6,707 watts.

Phoenix Bears the Brunt of the Hottest Year on Record
While Phoenix is certainly weathering the worst of 2014’s sun-like heat, it isn’t alone in its struggle. In fact, according to a report from Popular Science, 2014 is on track to be the hottest year in recorded history, with areas of Eastern Europe and Western Asia expected to be hit the hardest with endless sunlight and drought.

It’s a matter of concern for agriculture and many different businesses that depend on climate to generate revenue. On an individual scale, it’s worth noting, the price is likely to be higher. According to The Atlantic87% of Americans use some form of air conditioning to keep their homes comfortable, a number that will grow if the weather stays so unbearable. On average, this costs Americans $375 per summer season. Unless the heat relents, power companies will have to boost output and Americans, in Phoenix and elsewhere, will have to put more of their hard earned dollars into cooling their homes.

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