Thursday, July 25

Install Your Aviation Clamps Right the First Time!

Unsecured devices or components have caused a lot of fatal accidents. The most effective and satisfactory technique for fastening aviation clamps, cap screws, bolt heads, nuts, and turnbuckle barrels that cannot be secured by any other practical means is safety wiring, also known as positive wire locking.

It is a technique for connecting two or more units so that any tendency for one unit to loosen is countered by the wire being tightened. A safety wire is required in locations where a bolt could loosen due to vibration.

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When used correctly, it will lock, keeping the wire taut and impeding further movement. You can use the MS21919 number’s suffix to identify the exact materials used in Adel clamps.

The diameters of the available clamps range from around 1/4 inch to several inches. They are available in 1/16-inch diameter increments but are not adjustable. The size is the final number following the MS number and is expressed in 1/16-inch steps. You can fasten the clamp with just a nut and a short screw. Clamps with the letter “W” after the MS number have a little “wedge” in the cushioning material that helps seal the enclosure so that small wires cannot escape.


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