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How to Prepare for a Summer Road Trip to Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend is located in Arizona and is among the significant natural landmarks in the U.S. Southwest. The meander is carved out from the Colorado River and serves as a tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors annually. You can experience a breathtaking and unique view once you visit the area. Below is a list of tips to prepare for a summer road trip to Horseshoe Bend.

Visiting Horseshoe Bend

There is so much you can do, especially taking photos from different angles; once you prepare for a summer road trip, visit the Horseshoe Canyon itself. The distance from the parking spot to the scenic overlook is roughly 0.6 miles, indicating that you require minimal time to get there. There is a small fenced section, and you can walk along the rim to access certain viewpoints. The Horseshoe Bend is a natural landmark that calls for caution when taking photos to minimize the chances of falling from the edge. Always strive to take spectacular photos from the realm of safety once you visit the area.

You can also take a tour down the Colorado River using a boat. If you prefer walking, you can navigate down into the Canyon on land to explore the view from down there. You probably require 60 minutes at Horseshoe Bend, but most visitors prefer to extend the picnic to enjoy the views. You can visit the Horseshoe Bend at sunset, sunrise, or in the middle of the day, especially in summer.

Things to Do Near Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, has various incredible attractions, and you can combine them as you prepare for a summer road trip to have a full-day experience. Below is a list of places you can visit.

Lake Powell: With its red and white sculpted sandstone and blue waters, the lake and the Glen Canyon National Recreation center are excellent destinations. It is considered an oasis surrounded by a spectacular canyon above and underneath the water. Lake Powell is an artificial lake and offers various recreational facilities. Visitors prefer camping on the beautiful Lone Rock Beach as it provides a relaxing getaway. At Glen Canyon, you can ski, boat, paddleboard, kayak, and swim among the cliff walls and towering domes.

You can also visit other locations, including the Rainbow Bridge, the world’s largest natural bridge. However, the bridge is only accessible by tour and boat, including a hike from Navajo Mountain. The bridge is considered sacred by neighboring tribes, and visitors are advised to be respectful by avoiding climbing the bridge. You may consider renting a houseboat to explore the area further and hike into the Glen Canyon.

Antelope Canyon: The Antelope Canyon is magical and was created when water split the rock crevasses with time. The Canyon has upper and lower sections, formed over many years as rainwater passed through the rock from a higher elevation. The only difference between the lower and upper Antelope Canyon is the shape and size of the canyon. The upper Canyon has a narrow opening on top and a wider bottom, and most visitors capture the scenic view once they visit Antelope Canyon. In contrast, the lower Canyon has a wider opening on top and a smaller canyon floor, allowing more light to enter from above.

The upper Antelope Canyon is considered easy to navigate and walk through due to its wider bottom, although it is darker than the lower Antelope Canyon. The iconic light beams are a sight to behold for those who like capturing magic shots. A tour in this section is more expensive than in the Lower Antelope Canyon, as tours sell out faster. The Lower Antelope Canyon has few staircases, narrower walls, and fewer crowds. You get to enjoy changing light and colors; due to the wider opening on top, you may not experience light beams apart from the narrow and faint ones. You can capture the unique features and colors once you visit the area.

How to Get to Horseshoe Bend

The easiest way to access the Horseshoe Bend is by driving. Visit a garage to have car tuning services on your vehicle to enhance its performance. If you plan to rent a car for the trip, the company you choose will vary depending on when you plan to travel. Sometimes, local outfits offer the best deals, occasionally large international carriers. A company may have an excellent base price with terrible rental requirements, so you are advised to search for the best combination of reasonable rental terms and low prices for your road trip. If you prefer not to drive, you can hire a pricey tour to visit the area.

Horseshoe Bend is located southwest of Page, Arizona, just off Highway 89. The roads accessing Horseshoe Bend are often dark at night, and most visitors are advised to embark on their journey early in the morning. You have to note that cell reception may be spotty in some areas, which makes it essential to have a map or plot everything on the GPS to minimize the chances of getting lost. Once you get to the town of Page, you must drive south on Highway 89 and exit on the west side of the road. The exit is between mileposts 544 and 545, and you will see the signs directing you to a parking spot. The Horseshoe Bend is located approximately 0.6 miles from the parking area.

Take Your Car to a Body Repair Shop

When you plan to visit Horseshoe Bend with family, it is essential to check your car thoroughly to minimize the chances of experiencing issues along the way. Before the trip, you are advised to take your car to an auto repair shop to ensure it is in excellent working condition. Below is a list of reasons you should take your car to a body repair shop before you prepare for a summer road trip.

Ensure the light bulbs are checked regularly and replaced. Oxidized headlights are considered a safety concern that should never be ignored as they disperse light affecting the range of your car’s beam. Scheduling windshield repair services is crucial as a chipped windshield increases the chances of being involved in an accident if not addressed quickly. The windshield is an essential structural feature that keeps the driver and passenger safe and allows the airbags to deploy safely in the event of a rollover or a crash. Scheduling car windshield repairs protects your vehicle’s integrity, improving the road’s safety.

You are advised to check the condition of your vehicle’s heating system/ air conditioning as you prepare for a summer road trip. The AC is tasked with removing humidity inside your car and cooling the air inside the vehicle. A malfunctioning AC leads to windshield fogging during extremely cold and rainy weather. If you notice that your AC is not cold as it used to be, you can have it checked for leaks and refilled with a refrigerant. A technician will also assist you with car radiator replacement to ensure it performs at optimal levels.

Ensure Your Home Is Safe

Going on vacation is an exciting experience if you have minimal worries regarding the safety of your house. Preparing your home before you prepare for a summer road trip minimizes the risk of damage and break-ins. The last thing homeowners want is to deal with an accident or theft once they return home after the vacation. Preparing your house helps keep it secure and safe, which allows you to have peace of mind knowing you will not experience any issues once your vacation ends. Below is a list of steps for preparing your home for an extended vacation.

  • Secure your home, so it appears occupied: When you prepare for a summer road trip, you have to ensure your home is secure. Ensuring your house appears as if it is occupied minimizes the possibility of theft. You can install a new garage door, set programmable timers for outdoor lights, close your blinds and windows, and ensure the security system is working. You can also request your friendly neighbor to keep an eye on your property and inform you if there are suspicious activities inside the house.
  • Protect your vehicle: If you plan to leave your vehicle at home while you embark on a vacation, you must ensure it is safe and secure for long-term storage. Homeowners who do not have a garage may consider purchasing a weatherproof car cover to keep the vehicle dry and clean. You can request your neighbor to drive the car once each week; if that is impossible, you are advised to disconnect the car battery to minimize the possibility of battery drainage. Consider car key replacement with the help of a mechanic and carry the extra key.
  • Unplug most appliances: A major electrical storm causes power outages which damage appliances, including television and computer. Before you prepare for a summer road trip, you should go around your home unplugging anything that does not require being on, including cable boxes, televisions, toasters, and kitchen appliances. You may consider plugging anything which is not part of the security system. Unplug turned-off appliances from sockets to minimize electrical draw and reduce utility bills.

Essential Things You Should Pack for Your Summer Vacation

Summer is usually the best season to visit Horseshoe Bend. Pack everything you require to travel safely, smartly, and with style on your summer vacation. Below is a list of things to include in your list.

  • Summer clothes: The attire you carry on your summer vacation helps take the fun to the next level. Styles that work best for women include mini dresses, tank tops, skirts, beach dresses, maxi dresses, and short or long dresses. Conversely, men may carry some lightweight pants, floral shirts, t-shirts, beach wear, and press n wear heat transfer vinyl shirts. Consider packing bathing suits, sunhats, and a pair of long pants and rugged jeans. Keep in mind that lighter clothes are easier to carry and fold, aside from being better for warm weather.
  • Travel insurance: If you want a safe and fruitful summer, you may consider having travel insurance as you prepare for a summer road trip. It provides you with the required coverage against potential risks. It also covers risks, including loss of baggage or passport and unforeseen medical expenses, and offers great help in case of an emergency. Travel insurance coverage generally provides an extra layer of protection against financial losses. Choose car insurance when traveling in your car to ensure all the trip essentials are well covered.
  • Sunscreen: Direct sunlight causes age spots, sunburn, wrinkles, and skin cancer. You are advised to carry sunscreen if you do not want skin-related issues. Sunscreen helps build a protective layer of your skin to minimize harmful UV rays from contacting your skin to minimize any permanent damage.
  • Sunglasses: Most people are more concerned about their skin regarding sun-related damage. The eyes are an essential body part, and you should have sunglasses in your bag when you prepare for a summer road trip. Besides making you look cool, sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV damage. They can block almost 100% of UVB and UVA radiation to protect your eyes. You must keep the sunglasses safely in a protective cover when you are not using them.

Consider Selling Your Old Car

As you prepare for a summer road trip, the best time to sell a vehicle is often the period where you are assured of getting the most money. Individuals with a car loan may consider selling their car to pay off their loan and finance the summer trip to Horseshoe Bend. You can consider selling your vehicle at the onset of summer, as most people prefer buying cars in the early summer when they are ready for family vacations, road trips, and pleasure driving. You get to sell your car for fast cash to finance your trip to Horseshoe Bend. You might also want to sell before the new model year debuts, as the moment the next year’s model reaches the dealership, your car automatically becomes one year older. Selling your car before the fall allows you to secure the best price.

There are several fun activities you can do in Page, Arizona. You can visit Antelope Canyon and take many pictures along your way to Horseshoe Bend. Ensure you prepare for a summer road trip by taking the required steps as highlighted above.

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