Friday, June 14

How Apps Are Helping Businesses Thrive

multitasking in handsFrom children to seniors, everyone is plugged in these days. And given the multitude of apps on the market, there are endless things to do on our smart devices.

In fact, the year 2014 saw a 76% increase in app usage and engagement, totaling to more than two trillion recorded app sessions that year alone.

And while a great deal of attention is given to applications that entertain us or facilitate social media engagement, new applications are bringing tech savvy convenience to small businesses, allowing to work smarter — not harder.

According to recent statistics released in September 2015 by, business apps were the second most popular downloaded apps, with more than 100 billion downloaded from the App Store.

Ranging from secure payment apps to scheduling and appointment apps, small and large businesses alike are now better able to connect with customers and employees, facilitating easier and more seamless business exchanges.

Alice Ferris is an employee of GoalBusters Consulting, a company based out off Flagstaff, Arizona. As a strategic planner, developer and fundraiser for non-profit organizations, Ferris finds herself on the go quite often.

Because of this, relies on business applications for organization, effective marketing, project management and more to successfully execute her position each day. To keep track of time, Ferris recommends MeetMe, an app that facilitates easier scheduling for meetings.

Vista Hospice services rely on an HR Inflections app in order to record hours and completed tasks. Considering the staff members are working remotely from patients’ homes, the app allows them to track their work with ease and convenience.

Additionally, many apps aid with general organization, making it easier for employees to get work done. For example, small businesses employ apps that aid in time management, productivity, and focus.

However, not everyone is a fan of such apps. In a recent opinion piece for FoxBusiness, Steve Tobak writes, “If you want to be more productive, set goals, prioritize and focus. Quit screwing around and get to work. That’s really all there is to it.”

Love them or hate them, business apps or on the rise, seeking to make the way employees and customers alike engage with their services more convenient and entertaining.

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