Saturday, May 25

Demand For Big Data Talent Surges To Boost Business Productivity

The demand for Big Data skills in the business world is on the rise. According to the latest Tech Cities Job Watch report from Experis, the demand for Big Data skills has increased by 78% since last year.

What’s more, the demand for contractors increased by 128% during the same period alongside a 68% increase in the permanent jobs market.

Big Data refers the enormous amount of data that’s created and collected by businesses on a regular basis. The data collected is too complex and voluminous to be analyzed manually and so must be analyzed using specific software.

Some of the key qualifications in demand for those in Big Data roles include experience with Python, Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Hive, Java, Tableau, AWS, and Cloudera. Employees with multiple skill sets including broader IT knowledge were also in high demand.

Big Data is one of the leading sources of business productivity and efficiency in today’s business market. Manufacturers are capable of using Big Data analytics to discover new information about their audience and competition.

Manufacturers can also identify variables affecting productivity and patterns that would help them improve their processes. For instance, entity resolution in Big Data analytics involves finding and linking the mentions of the same entity across a variety of different datasets.

Yet many businesses aren’t only using Big Data analytics to increase productivity. It’s also being used to drive investment opportunities.

“Investors are increasingly relying on the data provided by companies to make investment voting decisions,” said Courteney Keatinge in an interview with Forbes. Keatinge serves as the director of Glass Lewis’ environmental, social, and governance research.

“[Investors] are constantly looking for standardized data that will allow them to compare equities across their portfolios,” Keatinge said.

Martin Ewings, the director of Specialist Markets at Experis UK and Ireland, says businesses are being pressured to better process, manage, secure, and leverage their data amidst the growing trend of the Internet of Things. Because of this, organizations are eager to acquire those with the right skills such as a data engineer or architect.

“Candidates have seen the potential for high earnings in Big Data roles and are upskilling themselves with the qualifications they need to secure those lucrative positions,” said Ewings.

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