Saturday, May 25

Arizona Sephora Stores to Offer Free Beauty Classes For Cancer Patients

Nearly 21 million women throughout the U.S are experiencing some degree of hair loss. Women who lose their hair due to chemotherapy and other cancer treatments often find it a struggle to feel attractive or feminine. To help these women regain their confidence, popular beauty retailer Sephora is offering free classes for cancer patients at 40 of their nationwide locations, including those in Arizona.

Approximately 39.6% of women and men receive a cancer diagnosis at some point during their lives. While invasive cancer treatments can fight the disease, they take a physical toll on the body. Those who undergo these treatments are often left to grapple with significant physical changes, including hair loss, changes in weight and skin, and scars from surgery. Unsurprisingly, many experience decreased self-esteem as a result.

Now, Sephora’s Classes for Confidence will include a free, 90-minute workshop called Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer. The hands-on classes, meant for both women and men, will teach those enrolled about “techniques and products that address the visible effects of cancer treatments,” according to Sephora’s website.

Sephora’s director of social impact and sustainability, Corrie Conrad, stressed to People that just because Sephora has a mostly female client base, men are still very much encouraged to attend these classes.

“Hair loss and skin effects from cancer treatments know no gender, and we want to be a safe space for all of our clients,” Conrad said.

These classes will specifically offer “tailored skincare tips, Color IQ skin-matching, and a step-by-step tutorial.” It will also serve as a welcoming place for cancer patients to share their experiences.

“These classes initiate powerful and positive connections for those dealing with cancer, away from the hospital environment,” said Conrad to Teen Vogue.

First launched in 2016, the retailer’s Sephora Stands initiative has already offered 200 Classes for Confidence and over 300 hours of mentorship for those “facing major life transitions.” Sephora regularly partners with national and regional organizations to reach these target audiences.

People interviewed one of the class’s first attendees in New Jersey. Chiara, a cancer survivor, said that her treatment resulted in physical changes that made her feel “like a Martian.
Dealing with dry skin and hair loss, Chiara struggled with seeing a reflection in the mirror that bore no resemblance to her old self. When her hair started to grow back in, she enrolled in Sephora’s course to figure out what products would be right for her new gray hair and her skin tone. She said that this was one of the first time she was able to focus on her appearance, rather than her health, since her diagnosis.

Thus far, 40 of Sephora’s locations, including those in Scottsdale, Chandler, and Glendale, are offering Brave in the Face of Cancer classes. More classes will be added throughout the year, and a full list of offerings and locations can be found on the Sephora website.

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