Friday, June 14

Arizona Adopts New Rules for Solar Leasing Aimed to Help Consumers

solar panelWhile there are still over 50 years worth of global production in oil reserves across the world, it’s not a bad idea for consumers to start thinking about alternative energy solutions. Many Arizonans are ahead of the curve when it comes to this area, as solar energy capabilities have become a popular option in many residential homes due to the local climate. According to a piece by the environmental news source, the Grand Canyon State recently adopted new rules concerning solar leasing.

The practice of financing home solar options by way of lease has become increasingly popular because of the money (or lack thereof) that’s required upfront. SolarCity is just one of the retailers that have taken advantage of this method to garner more customers. Lyndon Rive, SolarCity’s CEO, believes the new legislation is just another way to slow down the expansion of this alternative energy source.

“[Arizona’s] the most hostile state we operate in,” Rive said.

State lawmakers are disputing this characterization and claiming the changes were put in place solely to protect the consumer. Essentially the rules require solar installers to disclose exactly how much their systems will cost over their lifetime and guarantee that the panels will work as advertised. Donald Brandt is the CEO of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, an electricity and energy-related company. He believes the new rules should be taken at face value.

“No solar installer should be opposed to this bill,” Brandt said. “We suspect the issue for some rooftop leasing companies is to avoid scrutiny of their leasing model and the complexity of these consumer leases.”

Complex or not, it would seem most consumers would only benefit from more information. Whatever happens going forward, the growth of the solar energy industry is set up to succeed in the state of Arizona at least as there 394 such companies that operate there.

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