Friday, June 14

Access to Medical Marijuana is a Major Factor for People Moving to Arizona

New statistics show that Arizona now ranks among the 10 best states for marijuana lovers to live.

Currently, Arizona only permits the consumption of marijuana when prescribed by a doctor. However, residents will be able to vote in November to make the recreational use of the drug legal.

According to a study conducted by, “[Arizona] has the 11th-cheapest weed prices, the 10th-most cannabis-related Google searches, the fifth-most expressed interest in various marijuana publications on Facebook, and the 15th most pot smokers — 6.61%.”

While over half (57%) of adults in the U.S. have never lived outside their home state, Dr. Elaine Burns of the Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center says that access to medical marijuana is a motivating factor for some people to move to Arizona.

“I do know of situations where parents who have children with epilepsy or cancer have relocated to Arizona or another medical-marijuana state so they could get treatment for their children,” Burns says.

The price for medical marijuana is also a contributing factor to the number of people relocating to Arizona. The state has a relatively low cannabis cost compared to others. In fact, the average cost of an ounce of high-quality medical marijuana in Arizona is $298.15, while the average price in the United States as a whole is $317.50.

The state of Arizona is planning to award more licenses in order to add a number of marijuana dispensaries. There are currently 99 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, and as many as 97% of residents live within 25 miles of an operating dispensary. As of right now, almost 95,000 people have cards allowing them to use medical marijuana in Arizona.

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