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3 Things You Should Think About Before Selling a Business

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There are many reasons to sell a business. It may be that the current owner seeks a change of pace or a new opportunity, or maybe it is a financially beneficial move on the part of the owner. Maybe the owner is retiring, the number one reason to sell according to IBBA Market Pulse.

Regardless of why the decision to sell is being considered, there are a number of factors that need to be given careful thought before any documents are signed. Selling a business is a permanent step; once it’s done, the business is sold and it can’t be reclaimed. So to help business owners out there make the right choice, here are a few things to consider:

Selling A Business Before Retirement: Consider The Emotional Impact

Retiring can be an emotional time period and one full of uncertainty. Retirees are entering a strange stage in their lives where work is no longer expected of them, and suddenly they have so much more free time. Some become aimless, and others end up returning to work.

This can be especially difficult if one is considering selling their business, too. They’ve invested years of their life into building it, so they might be attached to the company and the people working there. It can be hard to let go, especially when they’re entering retirement. Business owners should carefully consider their options if they plan on selling and retiring. They can always delegate and still own.

Consider The Company’s Culture and “Soul”

This ties into the emotions attached to a company, but the idea that the company could change into something else entirely upon sale can be one that gives owners pause. Preserving the “soul” of a company can be important to some owners who want their successor to keep the culture and the image of the company intact.

If a business owner is still looking to sell but is worried about the company changing or losing itself, then they should put all their cards on the table. The owner must tell exactly how the company operates, what its goals and mission statement are, and explain the culture that exists there. Let the potential buyers know exactly what the company stands for. They might decide to change it anyway, but at least an effort was made.

Stick Around For a Little While

During the transitional period between owners, offer to stay and help the new owner get used to running the business. Say goodbye to employees, make sure that everyone adapts well, and offer advice and assistance so that the new owner understands how to work in their role.

Selling a business can be an emotionally and mentally draining experience. A business owner needs to make sure that this is what they want and that they have explored all other possibilities. Don’t make a hasty decision.

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