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Restaurant Week Preparations – Get Ready For September 2017

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For the food lovers out there, especially those that love eating out, there is sad news. The Arizona Restaurant Week has ended, and that means 130 Phoenix restaurants offering fine dining at good rates is no longer occurring. The event, which kicked off on Friday, May 19 and lasted until May 28, is a biannual festival that takes place in the city.

At the various restaurants, fine meals are offered at a price of $33 and $44, for three-course Prix-Fixe menus, at venues across the state.

Included in these were national chains like Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and plenty of local restaurants offering special menus for the week.

There was a lot of work put into mapping out the various restaurants, and their menus, and it can all be found at the event site here.

But the just because they event is over at the present, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen again. Keeping an eye on the local news, and checking the site, can help keep an eye out for the next time it occurs.

The next occurrence of the event in Arizona will be in Fall and run from September 15 to 24. So keep an eye out for the start.

The event originated in New York City in 1992, and began as a lunch-only promotional event. It later expanded to encompass more days, restaurants, and meal types as time progressed.

Given the immense popularity of the event, and how it spread not only across the United States but also the globe, it is no surprise that American’s love their food. Especially their meats, studies have found.

Meat consumption in the United States is expected to increase to 200 pounds a year per capita by 2018. This is from research compiled by research and advisory firm, Rabobank.

The Restaurant Week event will kick off in several other states soon and can be in any season. So, keep an eye on the local news for when it will enter into the local area.

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